No, Today’s Students Don’t Learn Differently

If you're working in instructional support (#edtech, instructional tech, learning support...whatever you want to call it) you've probably heard, "Today's students just learn differently." No they don't. Writers will write. Storytellers will tell stories. Musicians will make music. Athletes will compete. People have drives to be creative, curious, playful, impactful, relevant... What's different is theRead More

Thought Traps

Another cross post, somewhat edited, from a recent MAET assignment. Below is a short reflection (slightly adapted for the post) I wrote comparing Missional Thinking (big idea, goal-based) and Instrumental Thinking (short term, tool-based) in education. You can see the entire assignment response in my Google Doc Problem of Practice Schools are facing a varietyRead More

A Letter to Students and Parents

I began writing my course audit for AP Biology this week, which is always a fun thing to do. Part of my course description includes a short letter to parents and students at the beginning, so they have glimpse of my philosophy on the class and school. I also looked back at a course auditRead More