Graduate School Final Project

I promised Stacy Lovdahl I'd post this the other day and then promptly forgot. Sorry, Stacy. I took a graduate course on curriculum development and implementation this semester through Ball State. Not many of the assignments were open-ended enough to make for interesting blog fodder, so I didn't post much. For my final project, IRead More

Application of Intent – Design Experience #1

Design is the application of intent – the opposite of happenstance, and an antidote to accident. The quote I open this post with is from Robert L. Peters, a designer, thinker, and professor originally from Canada, but teaching globally. This is especially apropos because of the task this week, designing a classroom, and because thisRead More

#MACUL13 Round Up

I had the chance to attend MACUL's (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) 2013 conference held in Detroit this past week. I have a lot of good friends living in Michigan, and after a year of pestering and reminders, I finally made it up there. Let me just say, Michigan has one of theRead More

Redesigning Learning in a Flipped Classroom

A comment I hear frequently after a visit is, "That looked nothing like what I thought it would." It's a good place to start a discussion about the total redesign a flipped classroom brings. A major criticism of the flipped classroom is that lecture is given as homework, and homework becomes the new class work.Read More