Loops, Algorithms, and Headaches

Loops When I got into coding, loops were one of the more difficult tasks for me to get the hang of - especially iterating through conditions. Part of my struggle is that I made my loops too complicated...I tried addressing symptoms, not the overall desired behavior. When I jumped into the Noughts and Crosses game,Read More

Prototypes and Constructing Models

Each year teaching chemistry, I made it a point to my students that everything they learn over the course of the year is based on observation and best guesses. Up until 2009, we hadn't actually seen a molecule or an atom...they're just too small. What we can see is how they behave and change whenRead More

Computational Thinking

I'm a scientist. I think in terms of what I can see and manipulate. Part of my training included a large amount of time making changes in systems, observing results, and making new changes in order to answer a question. It was systematic, measured, and thorough. Naturally, that tendency bleeds over into my relationships, parenting,Read More

“Academic Bowl” Paradox

Last night, I read the science questions for the Indiana Academic Bowl our school hosted. The city schools all sent teams of students to participate in an evening of trivia and brain-power boxing. It was fun and it was great to see some of our own students putting their heads together to answer science questions.Read More