This Site is Under Construction

Last month, my family broke ground on a new house.

An excavator working on a construction site
Step 1: Dig a really big hole.

Less than a year ago, we were just toying with the idea of building a house, and now we’re actually in the process of building. It’s surreal to think back on the original discussion and consider where we’ve come in this process already.

My wife and I standing in front of our hold house on our last night there.
We moved out of this place after seven years.

I work hard to make sure my summers are as tech-free as possible. All of my email is archived automatically and a nice vacation responder tells people to write me again on a given date. I’m focusing all of my energy this year on contracting and building the house with my brothers-in-law as well as assorded friends and other family.

Concrete trucks pouring a new foundation.
Click through for the full-size picture because it’s bonkers.

Most of the work so far has been through hired concrete contractors, but this week lumber started going in, which is a huge burden both on and off my shoulders. Waiting for construction to start was hard, but now that we’re moving, it’s really refreshing and empowering to be able to do this project with my own hands.

Framed basement walls in a new house.
Framing is extrememly satisfying to do because everything happens so fast.

I’m trying to remember to document the project. When you’re in the middle of it, it feels trite to stop working to take a picture. But, it’s not every day you get to build a new house yourself. As of tonight, the first floor is ready for the subfloor and we’re getting ready to start framing exterior walls. We’re also going to order all of our windows as well as the second floor trusses.

If you want to follow along, I have a photo gallery going for all construction-related pictures I take. (Feel free to browse other non-construction related photos.) And if you’re so inclined, there’s now an RSS feed you can subscribe to because RSS is alive and well.

Spring Broke

Spring break finishes tonight, so this is the “what we did over spring break” post in case any of my old teachers are reading the blog these days.

The whole family got sick. Except me. So, I played doctor (with no small role being played by my parents, whose house we were in while infirmed). It was your bona-fide Influenza A for Mrs. Bennett and the three Bennett children. Not the stomach bug nastiness, the everything-hurts-why-do-I-still-have-a-fever nastiness.

Backyard camping. CC-BY by me. This has an interesting story.
Outside grilled cheese. CC-BY by me. The crossed legs killed me. So grown up.
Garden prep. CC-BY by me.

One of the best parts was that even though I took my computer to Kentucky, I forgot my charger at home. There were no emergencies, the world did not end. I ended up reading a book and a half in between of nursing kids and my wife, which was a great treat to myself.

I think I might start leaving my charger places so I have a hard-stop deadline for working.