Are We Already in a Tech Dystopia?

Featured image creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Wonderlane I apologize for the click-baity title, but I think it helps get to the root of some emerging issues in the tech and education landscapes. I've got four problems briefly outlined with proposed solutions beneath. As always, comments are welcome. Problem 1Read More

You’ve Got the Wrong Idea

Do a quick Google search for "disrupt education." It seems 2013 in particular was a boom for companies looking to disrupt the current education system: MOOCs, apps, product launches, startups...pick your poison. Disrupting the education space is the wrong way to influence change. Disrupting has longevity issues. To be noticed in the startup realm, youRead More

Sages and Lunatics: Danger in the Classroom

This is the second post in a series reflecting on John Spencer's Sages and Lunatics The machete was dangerous that day. There is power that comes with learning. Ideas are born; worldviews are constructed. As we learn, we are forced to fit that new information into our existing perceptions and biases. As teachers, we haveRead More

Sages and Lunatics: Teacher as Identity

This is the first post in a series reflecting on John Spencer's Sages and Lunatics. A report came out in early May with data showing college students saw teaching as one of the easiest majors to follow and said that teaching was the top profession for "average" people. In the wake of the report, thereRead More

Listening Past the TED Talk

I watched a TEDxBeaconStreet talk the other evening entitled "Reimagining Learning." It started off well enough, with some good points about the challenges of teaching in a digital age. I really liked Richard's opening point: There's a more serious digital divide that we face in this country. That is the divide between those who knowRead More