#Flipclass Conference – Day 3

Unfortunately, I need to leave the conference early today, so I’m writing before I hop on an airplane for a few hours.   There is some great stuff being shared again and the attendees are much more vocal with their ideas and thoughts as they get more confident with the ideas we’re trying to present.… Read More »

#Flipclass11 Day 2

As we headed into day 2 of the flipped class conference, I was really excited about some of the discussions that are coming up with educators from all over the place.  Some of the big takeaways from today: LiveScribe – If you can write with a pen, you can do a screencast.  This is a… Read More »

#Flipclass11 Day 1

I haven’t written in a long time and it is primarily because I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks from Korea.  I have another longer post slated for later this week, so this is just a quickie with some good stuff from the first part of the day at the Flipped Class Conference in… Read More »

More Thoughts on Open Doors

This week in #edchat we spent time discussing how to change teacher’s images in the media, community, etc.  Its a great topic and one that is certainly worth discussing.  Teachers are facing more and more scrutiny about testing results, summer break schedules, pay…you name it.  So the question that begs asking becomes: “How do we… Read More »

Bragging on Students

I love opportunities to brag on students that do some great work.  As often as I can, I’ll send something in to Twitter or other teachers in our school.  It’s always great sending something out, but it’s even better when it is a student that blindsides you with an amazing project…and that happened to me… Read More »

Loosen Up

We see more clearly in retrospect…sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. Thinking back on this year, I realized that I’ve gotten lazy with some of my favorite chemical demonstrations.  They’re small things, but in a flipped class, it is so easy to come to school, remind kids of the benchmarks they have to… Read More »

I’m Open For Business

As I continue musing and thinking about the last year using a flipped classroom, ideology and philosophy changes that I’ve made flood my thoughts.  At the beginning of the flipped class, I really sold the idea hard to parents and students…harder than I had to sell it to administration (a HUGE blessing). I think the biggest selling… Read More »

Lessons Learned in Soccer

It has been an insane three weeks for my wife and I and I am just now getting back to writing and following Twitter again. Coaching has changed my life.  I am the varsity soccer coach for our school and I had the opportunity to take our team to a tournament with schools from all… Read More »

Letting Go

As we head into the end of the school year, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on the content I was able to finish this year.  I am fortunate in that I don’t have standardized testing to worry about and that my principal is very “hands-off” and lets me try new things with my class.… Read More »