Changes That Are Coming

After having most of this afternoon to mentally decompress from everything that happened this weekend at ETC11 and after a 2-hour advice session from Jeff Utecht, I’m going to begin moving my materials from my website to a new website (to be announced) over the coming days and weeks. This has been such an encouraging… Read More »

New Twitter, ETC11 Thoughts, etc

Some additions since my last post: I have fallen into the trap of Twitter, and I must admit, I love it.  You can follow me @bennettscience. I’m at the EARCOS Teacher’s conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia this week and I just finished a Mastery Learningpresentation for the first time outside of YISS…great response. New ideas… Read More »

And on to the fourth…

As we head into spring break next week, I’ve been contemplating the changes that I’ve made this year in chemistry.  I started with assignment-based grading (never again) and then moved to purely objectives.  After objectives, I went to objectives with graded homework, and now I’m doing objectives with graded quizzes.  There has been a lot… Read More »

Another classroom model

Again, I’m still trying to figure out how to run my class.  The mastery method is great, but it is very hard to assess student work effectively.  So, day to day, a student may be doing well, but when it comes to test time, they really struggle putting ideas together.  Students expressed frustration to me… Read More »

Open-source fever

I’ve developed a fever over the past week.  I found a program called MacPorts, an open-source project aimed at making other open-source projects available to people. It all started when I was looking for a way to run Windows-based programs on my Mac.  There is a program called Wine out there that “tricks” the program… Read More »

The Mol Project

I started teaching the concept of the mol (not the animal…the amount) in chemistry this week.  The problem is, the mol is such an impossibly large number to comprehend (6.02 x 10^23, or 602 sextillion, or 602 followed by 21 zeros) students often don’t grasp the quantity of things we are attempting to count.  So,… Read More »