The Problem With Writing

I recently had a discussion with other science teachers about the role of writing in our classrooms.  The discussion that ultimately emerged revolved around the idea that science shouldn't be teaching students the writing process...that is the English teacher's job. I highly respect the opinions and views of my colleagues, but this belief blew myRead More

Fear of the Cell Phone

I have to be honest...I almost posted this yesterday, about an hour after I posted about the fishbowl discussion.  But, I decided to bite my tongue and think through everything that was flying through my head. Not many things increase my blood pressure, but when I read this article from the Boston Globe website, I probablyRead More

The Fishbowl – Not Your Normal Discussion

As a science teacher, we don't get many opportunities to discuss difficult topics. Sure, content discussion happen, but I envy the english and philosophy teachers who get to discuss the deep thinking questions. True debate is hard to come by with some of the other more "empirical" contents. My AP Chemistry class was debating aRead More