A Case for Better Course Design

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Campus Technology published an article last week about a biomed course that saw mixed results from flipped instruction. The full article is open access (CC-BY 4.0) and available to read. I’ve read and annotated the original article and I’m going to distill a couple of points from bot the published report and the CT article.… Read More »


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Every Friday, our local NPR station has a segment called Michiana Chronicles which features essays by area writers. I don’t catch it often, but I happened to be driving today when it came on. It’s titled Mug Storiesand it inspired this post. I definitely have my own preferred mugs. I usually look for the wide-mouthed… Read More »

Dynamic Data Validation with Apps Script

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My coworker, Kat, needed to set up meetings with our 13 elementary schools. Appointment slots would have been a lot of clicking back and forth on calendar events plus her dates were variable and subject to change. She set up a spreadsheet with each school on a row. The challenge was to set up data… Read More »

Goolge Apps Script Knowledgebase Suite

This is another entry into the “fun, but probably not feasible” folder. A colleague and I have been trying to show the importance of getting a knowledgebase set up for our teachers. It’s been a back-burner issue for a long time because: we’ve never had one, so there isn’t really a pain point, and, we’re… Read More »

Will Hide Ads in Exchange for Bitcoin

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Several articles swirled around early this week about Salon.com’s (sorry, not going to link it) new ad-blocking choice to users. You can: Disable your ad blocker to see the content, including ads. Keep your ad blocker on, but allow Salon to mine bitcoin with “spare processing power” This is a terrible, terrible system for several… Read More »

Planning a Flipped Unit Part 3

Once you know why you’re teaching what you’re teaching, you need to define how you’ll know what students have learned or not learned. What task(s) will students complete in order to show what they’ve learned as you move through the unit? Keep in mind that this does not necessarily have to be a written test!… Read More »