Will Hide Ads in Exchange for Bitcoin

Will Hide Ads in Exchange for Bitcoin thumbnail

Several articles swirled around early this week about Salon.com’s (sorry, not going to link it) new ad-blocking choice to users. You can: Disable your ad blocker to see the content, including ads. Keep your ad blocker on, but allow Salon to mine bitcoin with “spare processing power” This is a terrible, terrible system for several… Read More »

Planning a Flipped Unit Part 3

Once you know why you’re teaching what you’re teaching, you need to define how you’ll know what students have learned or not learned. What task(s) will students complete in order to show what they’ve learned as you move through the unit? Keep in mind that this does not necessarily have to be a written test!… Read More »

Rebooting My Coaching

I planned, and ran, a really unsuccessful series of PD for a group of teachers this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wise enough to accept the non-success until we’d reached almost a breaking point in the group. The idea was to focus on instructional methods with, or without, technology. The problem was that it wasn’t what… Read More »

Moving from WordPress to Jekyll

This is a long post in several parts. Jump to different sections using the links below. Introduction Exporting WordPress Hosting Comments Updating Conclusion Introduction Long story short, I moved from self-hosted WordPress to a static HTML site generated by Jekyll. WordPress does it’s job really well. I think there was some statistic [citation needed] that… Read More »

Slides Tweeter Update 3

(Part 1, Part 2) I’m excited. A beta version of the Slides Tweeter AddOn will be ready this week. Two major updates helped get it to this point: Google changed the URL pattern for the thumbnail image, meaning I can grab a much smaller file which greatly increases the speed of the AddOn. Most tweets… Read More »