Slides Tweeter Update 3

(Part 1, Part 2) I’m excited. A beta version of the Slides Tweeter AddOn will be ready this week. Two major updates helped get it to this point: Google changed the URL pattern for the thumbnail image, meaning I can grab a much smaller file which greatly increases the speed of the AddOn. Most tweets… Read More »

Glaringly “For-Profit”

Audrey Watters shared a Bloomberg article this morning on Silicon Valley-based AltSchool which is closing locations to focus on “strategy” and a “path to growth and finances.” It’s a glaring admission that Silicon Valley money and “vision” have nothing to do with bettering education for students. Interestingly, the last paragraph of the article highlights what… Read More »

Drawing Shapes Is Hard

My wife is putting together a simple gift for our niece. Lest I spoil a surprise, I’ll be vague about the specifics. It required some hexagons. We started, logically, with an octagon. I approached this mathematically. Find the midpoint on one edge, work an equal distance out either side, then connect the dots. Bam. Regular… Read More »

Badging Patterns

Some more, mostly unfiltered thoughts on badging programs run at the K12 level. (Initial thoughts for some background from back in August.) – Articles and websites announcing badge initiatives at K12 peaked in 2014-2015. I haven’t found many articles from the last two years. – Many (seem to have) started with schools who had a… Read More »