Not Being on EduTwitter

Published: 2023-05-16 12:30 |

Category: Comment | Tags: twitter, social media, mindset, perspective

I jumped off of Twitter several months ago and haven't really participated in anything specifically education-related on social media. Maybe this is more an indicator of a healthier social media perspective than anything, but I've found that my mindset has changed from not participating.

When it started, I was young and looking for perspecitives. I'm still kind of young, but the perspectives I want are more nuanced and less focused on the next big thing. I want to talk about the meaning behind what we're doing, not the what itself. I want to know motivations about choices and discuss the benefits and detriments about making different choices.

I want to talk about how students are actually affected by the long-term application of ideas, not the one-day response to the super-fun-social-media-shareable thing we pulled off. What does it mean to be a teacher for the long haul, doing the hard, invisible work of making sure every student has the opportunity and the means to learn?

I think there is a lot more thinking I have to do about this, but I'm really happy with the changes I've felt in the time since leaving.

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