We Took a Trip

Published: 2023-04-21 12:00 |

Category: Life | Tags: camping, Cumberland Island, national park, vacation

I wanted to write up a beautful travel journal with a custom post theme and write prose like Wendell Berry about our vacation this month. But then I thought, "why?" Somtimes experiences are best kept in your own head and told in person. I think that's worth remembering more often.

The trip was beautiful. We had a great four days on the island and we'll definitely go back again at some point. The geography and ecology of the island are fascinating and I could spend hours just looking up through the canopy.

If you're a camper, I highly recommend going. Here are some pictures.

A river with a sailboat off center to the right. A large storm cloud is visible in the distance at sunset. Cumberland is a barrier island off the coast of Georgia. Sailboats would anchor in the west river to avoid the wind and waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the east side.

Four children walk in a line down a path through a live oak forest. Spanish moss hangs from branches overhead.

Ruins of a large house in a clearing. Brick walls dominate the photo. An old chimney still stands. There is a plaque with information in front of a barricade. Dungeness is a mansion built by the Carnegie family in the early 1900's. The island history is rich, violent, and fascinating.

My family sitting on a bench on a boardwalk to the dunes on the east side of the island.

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