The Slow Week - Weeknotes for 2023-03-24

Published: 2023-03-25 09:30 |

Category: Journal | Tags: youtube, client, repairs, chat, ai

Not much happening

This was a very quiet week. I attended a conference at the end of last week, which always takes a lot of energy. I also had a grant proposal due at work, so that took a lot of my time. I also had many more meetings than normal for some reason. I did manage one blog post of my own on why it's important to learn how to repair stuff.

Other curiosities

  • I came across Freetube, a YouTube client for multiple platforms that removes all the stuff you don't like and puts in stuff we do like. I use NewPipe on Android and this seems similar for the desktop.
  • My team has been discussing ChatGPT and AI in general, particularly about what kind of training we need to create for teachers. I shared this great article from Simon Willison on the hallucination ChatGPT does when you give it a URL. This was news to my team.
  • Here's another take on why chat-based AI is the opposite of a calculator. This stemmed from the hype response that "mathematicians had to adapt when calculators were invented."

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