It's New Notebook Day

Published: 2023-03-31 01:45 |

Category: Productivity | Tags: journal, notebook, dot grid

It's new notebook day, and there was much rejoicing.

Granted, I didn't fill up my last one nearly as fast as I should have, but still. My fondness for paper and pen (though not pen-snob level fondness) continues and I'm looking forward to filling this little guy up.

In the past, I used to look for name-brand notebooks. Recently, the off-brand, eight-dollar versions have been just as good for a fraction of the cost. This time around I'm committing to actually writing down the books I read because I slacked off on that in the last notebook and I'm feeling the gap particularly hard.

Two notebooks with dot grid paper. The notebook on the left is titled "October 2021 - April 2023". The notebook on the right is titled, "April 2023 - " with no end date specified.

Spring break is also next week and I think I'm going to take a page out of Jack Baty's book and do some indexing.

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