Digital Notes Aren't for Me

Published: 2023-03-30 11:00 |

Category: Technology | Tags: note taking, systems, notes, paper

I want to take digital notes well, but I can't seem to find a system I like. With so many moving pieces to my work, notes are really important. I'm working on letting myself think through notes and that's been an improvement. I would love to have a better digital workflow to connect ideas together, but I've decided that it just isn't something that works well for me while I process information.

The one thing I would like to do better is indexing my notebooks so I can find old ideas. I came across the Zettelkasten method which is attractive, but still a lot of overhead. Maybe I just love the card catalog vibe.

This blog is certainly a log of learning over the last 12 years. My notebooks also hold a lot of learning. If you have tips on how to make those more searchable, I'm all ears.

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