Easy Layout for iPad Sketching

Published: 2023-02-21 12:00 |

Category: Tips | Tags: iPad, Paper by 53, sketch, sketchnote

Once upon a time, I made videos for my students using a sketchnote-style layout. I would have the notes diagrammed and then talk over them while making simple annotations. I would typically draw in Paper by 53, easily one of the best darwing apps for the iPad. Then, I would record in Explain just to keep my workflow to one device. In that time, I learned a super handy layout method which I just recently used to do a project for graduate school.

The key is in using background colors and pen ink. In my "shadow mode," I would prep the design. The background color would be my dark pen color and my pen would be the final white background. Here's a little animation showing the trick:

This is super handy becuase I can get proportions correct and swap between views while I'm drawing to keep everything spaced out correctly. The layout - and sometimes notes - are all hidden, but in the space on the page I wanted to use for that bit.

It's a small trick and I am definitely not the first one to come up with it, but it's a technique I found helpful for a task I had this week, so I decided to throw it up for posterity more than anything else.

Happy drawing!

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