Dealing with Bad Questions

Published: 2022-09-02

Category: Comment | Tags: feedback, gradeless, grading, questions, standards based grading

...not all questions are created equal and some questions inhibit learning.

Source: Yes, There is Such a Thing as a Bad Question — Teachers Going Gradeless

This is a great look at how our practice of teaching needs to change if we want students to think differently about school. The author writes from the perspective of doing this as a result of going gradeless, but the same habits of instruction can be used to make the same shift if gradeless isn't an option.

...I find that students approach me with a different question; “Can you show me how to do this?” Since my students are self-assessing their work regularly throughout the term, they always have a strong grasp of where they have shown understanding and where they are developing their understanding.

The same thing often happens in standards-based approaches to grading or even just focusing on feedback to drive your interaction with students. The critical component is to hone your own responses to questions to point students back to the main goal: learning.

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