Recent Happenings

We’re in the throes of summer and there have been a number of events, ranging from new construction (because there is never enough stuff to build), beekeeping, and birthdays. Here are a few highlights.

Me with my son.
This guy turned three.
A frame of honey bees taken out of a beekeeping hive. It is full of capped larvae and nurse bees.
The honeybees are going gangbuster.
Four children playing on a swing set in a pasture.
Chores with the animals usually include a pit stop at the swing set to get some wiggles out.
A construction site. An excavator is off to the right with holes dug for a pole barn.
We’re building a barn.

I’m not posting to social media much. I have some photos going up on my own library as well as Pixelfed and (even less frequently), Instagram.

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