Coming Back Around

This week, my wife pointed something out to me: our entire dinner was either something we grew or something we helped raise. Vegetables from our garden. Pork from working with my brother in law and his animals.

Time spent in the ground and with the ground is never wasted.

A large panorama of a homestead. On the left, you can see the back of a white farmhouse looking over cattle pasture. Moving to the right, the family dog sits in the foreground. She's brown and starting to show her age. Moving further to the right, the framing for a pole barn stands in the distance and the large kitchen garden with flowers and produce stands tall. The apiary is just visible in the distance behind the garden. An orange and pink sunset fills the sky, giving a glow to the tall oak, cherry, and mulberry trees.
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I was watching a farmer process chickens when learning how to do our own and he said something that has stuck with me.

Something had to die for you to live today.

He meant animals, but the same is true for our vegetables. We work hard to make sure we grow and raise food well so that we can appreciate the value it brings to us when it comes time to harvest. We’re starting to understand that more. My kids might understand it better than I do.

We’re early in our work to establish a sustainable space and I’m looking forward to when more dinners we’re raised here, at home.

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