Sending System Audio to Google Meet

Published: 2021-01-19 03:14 |

Category: Technology | Tags: audio, flexible, google meet, sound, tip, trick

In 2013, I wrote up how to record Google Hangouts in high quality for podcasting or whatever. This post is how to essentially do the same, but for piping audio into Google Meet from any source on your computer.

Just like before, this article is written for Mac OS because that's what I have. If you know of how to do this on Windows or Linux, leave a comment.

Stuff to install

We'll still be using Ladiocast and Soundflower.

Sound settings

Open up System Preferences and go to Sound. Set:

  • Output: Soundflower 2ch
  • Input: Soundflower 64ch

Ladiocast Settings

Open Ladiocast and set:

  • Input 1: Soundflower 2ch (get the computer audio)
  • Input 2 (optional): Your microphone
  • Main Output: Soundflower 64ch
  • Aux Output (optional): Built-in output

Google Meet settings

In your Google Meet, open up your sound settings.

  • Input: Soundflower 2ch
  • Output: Sounndflower 2ch

Ladiocast takes all of your inputs and mixes them into one track that can be sent somewhere. This is a little wonky because we're taking system output, sending it through Ladiocast to get a new input, and then piping that into the Meet. If you set it up right, you should be able to play any audio and hear it from your Google Meet.

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