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Published: 2020-08-07 03:59 |

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It was a busy July, working full time on the house. At the end of the month, we were nearly dried in and have started to shift our focus toward prepping the interior for mechanical work (HVAC, plumbing, and electrical). The house is really taking shape now that the roof is in the building.

Much of the month had evenings filled with checking orders against the master plans to make sure windows and doors would fit the holes we built for them.

Reconciliation, shared CC-BY.
All walled in
All walled in, shared CC-BY.

Building the second floor felt very surreal, having not lived in a multi-story house in several years.

Truss work
Truss work, shared CC-BY.

The trickiest part (to me, at least) was getting the roof trusses set. We rented another big machine to do the bulk of the work in standing up the walls and in raising the roof on the house. This photo really shows the scale of the work we did for most of the month:

As windows and doors are wrapped up, it's feeling more and more like something that can be lived in. Now that I'm back to work, my time on the house is going to slow way down, but that was the goal. We'll be able to hire out much of the mechanical work and then spend evenings and weekends doing things like plumbing and electrical.

That's a wrap
That's a wrap, shared CC-BY.

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