A Photo API in Python

Published: 2020-04-27 03:11 |

Category: Projects | Tags: api, coding, photos, programming, project, python

I started a small project to clean up my personal photo hosting. I'm currently using an app written in PHP, but it's way over my head and does way more than I want or need. So, I'm taking this opportunity to roll my own backend API for photo storage and serving.

I'm building it in Flask and using the Flask-RESTful extension to help with routing, HTTP methods, and overall structure. I'm hoping that if I have a functional backend, I can learn a frontend framework like Vue in a more formal way.

It's nothing fancy, but the bones are starting to grow a little here and there. Right now, I have it returning all references in a database as well as querying by ID directly. Next, I'm going to add some methods to update the photo title and then I'll move on to uploading files directly.

Source code is in GitHub if you want to look. No pretty pictures because all it serves right now is data.

Comments are always open. You can get in touch by sending me an email at brian@ohheybrian.com