The Bennett Family Sing Along

Published: 2019-11-17 12:34 |

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A few times a week, we sing hymns with the kids before bed. I get the guitar out and we practice their favorites. The lyrics are Bible-based truth and my kids have always done great with song as a memory tool. They can probably sing more of a hymn from memory than I can at this point, to be honest. (If you're interested, here's a great list to start with from The Gospel Coalition.)

Part of that time is "silly time" where they make up a situation and I think up a song on the spot. Most situations have to do with an unfortuntate encounter between two incompatible animal species (the alligator climbed the tree and ate the raccoon, for instance). Other times, it's about the dog (Jo's Song) or the baby (I get back to my metal days and we all scream).

But there's also The Monkey Took His Banana to the Water, which is a regular in the rotation. It's got a Johnny Karate vibe and will stick in your ear for days.

The Monkey Took His Banana to the Water

195 BPM


Oh the monkey went down to the water
And he took his banana with him to the water
When he came out of the water, his banana was wet


It was wet wet wet
It was wet wet wet
It was wet wet wet
It was wet wet wet

Repeat V1

Instant classic.

The featured image is my own from 2013. I only had one daughter at that time and my wife's cousins would come over to play guitar together. This living room has had a lot of music in it since we moved in.

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