DocuTube Dev Update

Published: 2019-10-02 07:10 |

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Some quick notes of my progress on updating DocuTube in the Docs Addon store:

Search by Default

  • Search videos in the addon popup window
  • Video, channel, and playlists can be specified in the search types
  • Results are paginated 15 videos at a time

Preview and Embed

Preview and choose an embed method in the popup window.

With this update, you'll be able to determine what kind of embed you'd like to make. If you choose text, it defaults to the title of the video, but you can also type in custom text ("Watch this video") and it will be linked automatically.

Known Issues

One of the major problems I'm going to face is the YouTube Data API quota. Applications are restricted, by default, to 10,000 'units' of data used per day from the API. Each call to the API has a cost that needs to be managed.

Right now, each pagination step is using the YouTube API to pull data down, which uses some of the allotted data. To make sure the app doesn't run out of resources, I'm probably going to implement some kind of simple cacheing, either in the script itself or in the browser's sessionStorage or localStorage cache.

This came up because I hit my quota limit while testing. Now, I'm calling a lot of videos to make sure it's all working - way more than a normal user would during normal use (preseumably). But, it's still a concern because the quota can get used up very quickly if I don't include some kind of cache mechanism.

The featured image is a screenshot from DocuTube. It is featuring Paul Andersen of Bozemanscience on YouTube.

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