Spring Broke

Published: 2019-04-08 01:36 |

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Spring break finishes tonight, so this is the "what we did over spring break" post in case any of my old teachers are reading the blog these days.

The whole family got sick. Except me. So, I played doctor (with no small role being played by my parents, whose house we were in while infirmed). It was your bona-fide Influenza A for Mrs. Bennett and the three Bennett children. Not the stomach bug nastiness, the everything-hurts-why-do-I-still-have-a-fever nastiness.

Backyard camping. CC-BY by me. `This has an interesting story. <https://photos.ohheybrian.com/#15533873363118/15546528233275>`__

Backyard camping. CC-BY by me. This has an interesting story.

`Outside grilled cheese <https://photos.ohheybrian.com/#15533873363118/15546528317716>`__. CC-BY by me. The crossed legs killed me. So grown up.

Outside grilled cheese. CC-BY by me. The crossed legs killed me. So grown up.

`Garden prep <https://photos.ohheybrian.com/#15533873363118/15546528415743>`__. CC-BY by me.

Garden prep. CC-BY by me.

One of the best parts was that even though I took my computer to Kentucky, I forgot my charger at home. There were no emergencies, the world did not end. I ended up reading a book and a half in between of nursing kids and my wife, which was a great treat to myself.

I think I might start leaving my charger places so I have a hard-stop deadline for working.

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