A Critical Gradebook

Published: 2019-04-30 04:02 |

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I am finding the right balance of scaffolding to provide the best learning environment for my students.

Source: A Critical Gradebook

The gradebook seems like the most frustrating and under-developed part of any LMS. We use Canvas and have had our own struggles with making the gradebook helpful, not hurtful. Laura Gibbs has more thoughts on that than I do.

The Learning Mastery component of the Canvas gradebook is immensely powerful if you take time to set it up correctly. It's a shift away from singleton points and gives students and teachers a more high-level view of what objectives/skills/standards a student has attained over time. This can be (but doesn\'t have to be) linked to the students course grade. Again, my view is to stick with Frank Noschese's Keep It Simple SBG schema.

Translating that is a chore of it's own, but I'm hacking away at a helper tool...more on that another time. I think this is where something like an LTI tool can help across multiple platforms, if the new gradebook (or commentbook) is flexible enough to focus on feedback rather than a specific assessment protocol.

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