A Case for Pi

Published: 2018-12-01 01:34 |

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I've never had a case for my Raspberry Pi because...well...I just haven't.

One of our schools recently purchased all kinds of STEM stuff and I've been spending some time learning how to use the 3D printers, drones, along with a bunch of Spheros. I've used the Spheros a bunch and while I've 3D printed in the past, I've not gone through the whole process by myself. Today was the day.

We have Flashforge Finder printers which, compared to others, are a breeze to use. They're compact, easy to maintain, and print well (with one exception, but I think the extruder is a little blocked). I grabbed a Thingiverse model for the sake of time and got started.

My biggest problem was using the wrong software. I grabbed Slic3r to do the print rendering because it's what I'd used in the past. But, for some reason, I couldn't get the print bed size to set correctly, so the prints were going off the edge. Then, I realize that Flashforge has their own slicer, and once I installed that, it was all good.

The bottom print file was up and off, no problem. The upper half of the shell caused me some issues because the print file had it oriented as if it were fully rendered.

I flipped it upside down and added a bigger print footprint and it was finally able to start running (after realizing an extruder was bad and changing machines).

Three hours later, I had two halves of a nice little case for the nice little computer.

Two halves finished printing.
Photo CC0 Public Domain by me
Two halves make a whole case.
Photo CC0 Public Domain by me

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