Lesson Idea: Learning Objectives

Published: 2018-09-25 07:02 |

Category: Teaching | Tags: learning, objectives, policies, procedures, students

Jessica Till asks a good question on Twitter:
and Graham's response stood out to me:

Turning this around (also mentioned by [Will Dunn later in the thread](https://twitter.com/Willmdunn/status/1044592375526510593)), what would happen if we taught a lesson or went through an activity _without_ positing the objective and then have students state the learning as an exit ticket or closing discussion. What insight could we glean?

Intentions are important, but implementation is harder.

H/T to [Darren Burris](https://twitter.com/dgburris) and [Dan Meyer for showing up in my timeline](https://twitter.com/ddmeyer/status/1044426373425586176).

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