Slides Tweeter Update 2

A short update to my post about tweeting Google Slides presentations after some work this weekend.

  • Working AddOn menu prototyped.
  • Check if a user is logged into Twitter on launch. If not, log them in.
  • The user can append a hashtag to each slide. This is stored in each presentation until the user changes the input.
  • The custom player now launches in a pared-down popup rather than a new tab.
  • Scrolling enabled/disabled.
  • Each slide is posted on advance (slide 1 posted when you move to slide 2) to buy a little time (still laggy).

click for full-size video

to do:

  1. Improve the connect to Twitter flow.
  2. Work to improve the tweet posting time.
  3. Confirmation popup when a tweet is posted successfully.
  4. Error handling when a tweet fails to post for some reason.

3 thoughts on “Slides Tweeter Update 2

  1. Alan Levine says:

    This is cool to watch unfold as you blog it, Brian. Thanks for taking it on.

    Have you looked at the way Martin Hawksey handles the Twitter auth on ?

    • Brian Bennett says:

      I haven’t seen the 6.1 updates…I’ll check it out. The main thing I’d like to avoid (if I can) is needing to have people make their own app. I know that can cause issues (key/secret revocation if it is abused) but it would make it much easier to use for more people.

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