Indiana Education Paired Texts

Published: 2017-09-29 08:05 |

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March 2017 – Indiana to lose $56 million in public school funding under Trump budget

September 2017 – Indiana receives $59 million grant to expand charter schools

September 2017 – Hoosier Virtual Academy, an online charter, to close in June

The DeVos DOE and Indiana education politics continue to lead the way in removing resources from public institutions to funnel them to charter programs.

Hoosier Virtual serves 1,800 students. It has been marked as a failing school on our state evaluation system for six years in a row. If this were a public institution, it would have been put under state oversight and continued to operate on an improvement plan. But, because it’s a charter program, it’s shuttering in June 2018. One of the school board members for Hoosier Virtual is a political appointee of Mike Pence to the Indiana State Board of Education.

I shared this under the #pairedtexts hashtag started by Jenn Binis. It’s great.

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