Fixing Invalid frob Error in darktable on OSX

Published: 2017-01-04 10:10 |

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I use darktable to edit my photos. It’s a really robust RAW photo editor with a very active development community. The GitHub repo has 19,000+ commits on it over the last five or six years, which is great because it means active improvements. Open source FTW.

It’s built mainly for Linux, but somewhere, someone added an OSX installer. I edit my photos and then used the Flickr export option to dump them right up to my albums. Over a year ago, I got a really weird error about an invalid “frob” that prevented authenticating.


Modified from [flickr photo]( “This one took FOREVER to line up right…”) shared by [lintmachine]( under a [Creative Commons ( BY-NC-SA ) license](

After digging…a lot…the problem started in 2014 when Flickr required HTTPS calls to the API. Tonight, I figured out how to patch the broken library in the app so I can upload to Flickr again from darktable. Hurray.


Darktable app. Screenshot by me. Open source project at

To fix, you’ll need to grab the latest version of the flickcurl library. The one packaged with the app is out of date, using HTTP requests rather than HTTPS requests. I used Homebrew to grab a copy (brew install flickcurl) but you can also download a zip file and install that way.

All apps on Mac have files you can explore. I worked in the command line because it was faster for me than opening a couple Finder windows, but you could do it that way, too.

Terminal command

cp Your/File/Location/libflickcurl.0.dylib /Applications/

Finder window

  1. Open a finder window with your downloaded library. Then, open a second Finder window and go to Applications. Right click on libflickcurl.0.dylib and click Copy.
  2. Right click on Darktable and choose “Show package contents”


Screenshot is mine.

  1. Go to Contents > Resources > lib
  2. Right click in the folder and select Paste (or Cmd + V) and then click Replace.

The next time darktable opens, you’ll use the updated flickcurl library and be able to share directly from the app itself.

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