Networking, IndieWeb, and Finding a Place to Put Stuff

Published: 2016-12-05 08:47 |

Category: Technology |

I feel like I’m on a social networking pilgrimage.

I left Facebook two years ago and haven’t looked back. (Well, technically, like Alan Levine, I’m there, but only to manage a page for a group.)

Twitter is becoming super-broadcasty. It’s still a fun space in some respects because it’s the only space I can connect with some dear friends. Goofiness matters. I check it, but I’m only paying attention to very specific items. I also push out things I’m doing. But, there are fewer and fewer replies these days.

Mastodon is a newer, federated Twitter-meets-Tumblr social space that I’ve poked around in. There are definitely some merits, but some things I’m not super happy with. We’ll see, ultimately, what ends up happening there.

Just today, I checked back into Known, both through Reclaim Social and through my own little stream. I’d tried Known a while ago but ultimately abandoned it because I don’t think I really understood how it worked.

When all is said and done, I think I’m looking for something of substance that can go anywhere. It’s really difficult to find that balance, and I’m not sure I ever will. The need for connections is real and it’s what drove me to pour into Twitter and blogging four or five years back. The desire to connect is still there, but the means of connecting are more and more limited even though we have a number of choices. I want flexibility. I want ownership.

I’ve grown up a bunch, and I’m giving Known a shot again because I think I finally understand the power behind the POSSE model. Hopefully, this’ll scratch the itch.

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