Losing Stories

Startup culture ate one of my stories this year and I just found out about it this week.

I check for broken links on my blog. It’s mainly because I don’t like getting emails that such-and-such link doesn’t work anymore from a reader. I try to repair what I can and I remove what’s dead (sites and apps die a little too frequently).

One of my favorite posts from a couple of years back had a broken link, so I went to check it. Turns out, Storehouse, a great storytelling app I used for a while, closed shop in July. Along with it went my photos, videos, and stories published. No notice, no warning. Just gone.

The story embedded on the page? Gone. Replaced with the sad face.


The video of my daughter learning to crawl? Gone.

Shame on me for not backing up better. Shame on us for pouring our stories, images, and videos into a culture that packs up and moves on with no warning.

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