Link Two Google Docs for Translating

Published: 2016-11-23 09:02 |

Category: Technology | Tags: accessibility, code, enl, google apps script, productivity, translation

An interesting Stack Overflow question popped up about auto-translating one document into another when edits are made. Most Google services have things called “triggers” which run functions after some kind of event – opening the doc, making a change, etc.

A Google Doc does not have access to the onEdit trigger, so there is no way to automatically run the translation unless you put it on a timer trigger, and that’s a waste of resources, especially if you’re not constantly updating the document. But, you can link two documents together via the ID and push changes made using a custom menu.

Grab a copy of the template with instructions.


var ui = DocumentApp.getUi();
var docProps = PropertiesService.getDocumentProperties();

function getText() {
  var doc = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument();
  var body = doc.getBody();
  var array = [];



function sendTheText(e) {
  if (docProps.getProperty("childId") == "") {
    var prompt = ui.prompt("Child doc ID", ui.ButtonSet.OK);
    var response = prompt.getResponseText()
    docProps.setProperty("childId", response);
  var childDoc = DocumentApp.openById(docProps.getProperty("childId"));
  var es = LanguageApp.translate(e, 'en', 'es');

function clearProps() {
  docProps.setProperty("childId", "");

function onOpen() {
  ui.createMenu("Custom Translate").addItem("Run", "getText").addItem("Clear IDs","clearProps").addToUi();

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