Maybe it IS About the Video…

Published: 2016-07-20 02:46 |

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In 2011, I wrote a post in which I strongly declared that Flipped Learning [is not about the videos](

But what if it is?


flickr photo shared by cogdog Creative Commons Attribution BY license.

The whole idea of Flipped Learning is moving from directing instruction in front of the community to allow active learning practices to prompt learning experiences in students. In order to do that, time has to be reclaimed somewhere…something during the class has to be sacrificed.

For many, the way to do that is through video.

So, it _is_ about the video, but only in the sense that it allows the teacher to explore other methods of interacting with students within the context of the class. The transition from instruction in the room to instruction as a recording is a small leap; accessible to most teachers where they are _now_ and one that can lead to deeper learning opportunities.

Obviously, the video is only an enabler of change, not the cause. There is still an active decision made by the teacher to change their classroom practice for students. It is not the only way to effect change in practice, but it is (or seems to be) quite popular.

Beyond offloading instruction, the video doesn’t do much. Without taking steps to improve the learning experiences students have in the classroom, then no, nothing has changed. Use that time to push yourself and students into new experiences and allow those videos to help support the change.

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