Using the API in a Google Apps Script

Published: 2016-06-08 11:42 |

Category: Technology |

I’ve started using the []( annotation tool more lately, mostly at the behest of [Kris Shaffer]( He started writing about it’s potential for [public discourse on research]( back in April and has since created [Pypothesis]( to turn his annotations into a blog post using Python and the [ API](

The API is pretty simple – it can take a call for various requests (username, annotation, etc) and return information to use within your app. Kris used Python to create a Markdown page to post on a GitHub-based blog. Coming from K12 land, I see Google Docs serving as the larger research-curation hub and I figured, why not turn this into a simple Google Apps Script?

So I did.

It’s nothing fancy, but it works. It’s nice that the API is so straightforward…Kris mentions how easy it is to jump into if you’ve got even a little experience with scripting. The hardest part, in the Google Script world, was interacting with the JSON. But, I managed to get that worked out.

As you can see, this will search for annotations under my username. There are other parameters you can use in a search, including multiple at a time. [Read more about those in the docs]( Also, [John Stewart]( has a [much more thoroughly developed Google Spreadsheet]( which takes multiple search terms and returns results from an API call. Very cool application to play with.

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