When Class Itself is a Distraction

Published: 2016-03-21 03:29 |

Category: Teaching | Tags: challenges, reflection

I’m going to stop doing labs in one of my classes this semester. Regardless of the supports or steps I put in place, there is a general refusal (save for 4 students who are trying their hardest to rise above the din) to follow procedure, listen to instructions, and work safely.

The class itself has become its own distraction. There lacks a visceral awareness of how actions impact others in the room, which has led to a general disregard for any form of structure. Labs are highly desirable because of the experience students get with the science, but they’re not teaching anything. It’s effort I put in that isn’t spent on a significant learning gain. It’s also creating liabilities.

It’s all the more frustrating because I think they could do well with labs, but the class is fighting me for control. Power struggles aren’t suited for the lab space. For now, we’ll put those on the back burner until such a time we’ve regained enough self-control to work safely and effectively.

Growth is a process and this year, it seems to be an extra intense one.

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