Teaching Thoughts

Published: 2016-03-04 07:11 |

Category: Life | Tags: teaching

Some things I’m thinking through this week, written here so I can find them later.

Evan Weinberg has a good string of posts on his blog related to student assessment. This one in particular has me thinking through 1) what I assess, 2) how I’m assessing, and 3) what information I actually get from students on the assessment.

– I really struggle with setting consistent classroom expectations, which has led to a lot of the frustrations I’m dealing with in class.

– My instruction, even though I often call it “student centered,” is still too focused on me.

– But I’m not sure, because of the two items above in conjunction, that I’ve moved my students to a place where they can be self-directed more often.

– The influence of standardized testing on our students is increasingly negative and I need to keep a positive attitude during the testing windows even though I’m incredibly frustrated.

– I need to make consistent time to either code or read, because those have helped me relax more than anything else these days.

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