Expanding the SBG Tracking Gradebook

Published: 2016-03-24 11:45 |

Category: Technology | Tags: teaching

I mentioned Evan Weingberg’s standards-based tracking system in a short snippet a couple weeks back. I want to expand on that thought a little bit.

Essentially, he uses a Google Sheet to aggregate quiz performance to make sure standards are actually learned over time. This has been incredibly valuable to me because I felt that students were growing, but had no solid longitudinal data to back that up. It’s not 100% objective (nor should it be), but it helps inform and confirm (or refute) my gut feeling about a student.

I grade my quiz questions on a 1-4 scale rather than Evan’s 1-3 using a rubric I made years ago with significant help from Jenn Binis.


This is posted in my room and helps me give more specific feedback to my students. The quality in responses and in corrections has jumped dramatically. The rubric is also nice because it can be adapted to just about any question.

I give numeric feedback to students on their quizzes, but most of the time, students toss them in recycling on the way out. I’d like to have a way for students to take a look at their longitudinal growth over the course of a chapter. The idea is to take Evan’s original format and create a companion sheet which is specific to each student – some kind of template mixed with doctopus so I can update a master sheet and each student also can see their personal growth on a connected reporting sheet.

I’m not 1:1 this year, so implementing it before the end of the semester isn’t a major priority, but it’s something I’m going to tinker with over the summer to see if I can’t work out.

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