Actions Beget Standards…Kind Of.

I wanted to write this down while it’s fresh in my mind (and because it’s late).

I’m finishing a graduate semester on curriculum theory and practice and the final project I chose to complete was a redesign of a school’s curriculum. I decided to really push the boundaries and go for an all-inquiry, mixed age thematic classes. It’s a real swing from the norm. But, I think it can be done (mainly because it is being done).

Michelle Baldwin was kind enough to endure a ton of questions as I worked through some of the stickier points. Mainly, how does one lesson plan and account for mandatory standards in a school where students direct the exploration and topics for learning.

What happens is linked back to the standard. Themes exist, but specific demonstrations come organically through exploration and play. The teacher’s job is to find those demonstrations and reconcile it with the student. Preempting the demo via planned assessment activity undermines inquiry.

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