New Layout, New Title, Refined Focus

Published: 2014-11-12 11:45 |

Category: Reflection | Tags: teaching

I’ve iterated on this blog a lot over the years. I started by focusing on chemistry, and then switched over to teaching and learning in general. Layouts changed, content evolved, and it’s time for one more shift for (what I hope) is the last time.

I’ve grown a lot as a teacher. I’ve gone from being staunchly opposed or advocating for certain ideas, fighting tooth and nail over ideology and finer points of what happens in the classroom. I’ve learned that language is important, and that healthy debate can help advance practice.

I’ve also learned that fighting over minor differences in opinion can stagnate growth and entrench ideas before they’re fully realized for the sake of sticking to your guns. I’ve wrestled with the idea of having a “thing” to platform myself on and how to use that to leverage opportunities and discussions. Rather than dive down the holes of what practice is “best,” I’ve decided to step back.

I’m interested in teaching and learning. I’m interested in technology. I want to explore how technology can intersect with teaching and learning in powerful ways.

I’m going to be working to tweak the layout and usability of the new site, but I want to point out that all of the old content is still here. So, links aren’t broken and posts aren’t missing. I’m looking for ideas, debate, and growth.

If you’re a reader, thanks for reading.

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