Sound for the Eyes

Published: 2014-07-15 12:57 |

Category: Creative |

I read an article recently on the need for an “Instagram of Sound” – the idea being that I can record a short audio clip and then immediately share it to a network. After searching and searching, I couldn't find the one I read, but there's a good article on Motherboard which makes the case.

In the absence of such an app, I decided to try it with Instagram itself. I came up with a couple of rules:

  1. The video had to be still (or as little movement as possible)
  2. I couldn't appear in the video
  3. The video had to be shot straight up – as if my phone was just watching from the table

I think it's really interesting to think about how sound can communicate space, action, or surroundings. Our phones are with us everywhere…in reality, this is their experience. What do we miss if all we focus on is the visual? In fact, by playing videos on mute by default, I think Instagram is eroding the experience that sound can bring. I'm wondering if pushing the opposite direction will teach me something.

You can see the few I've done, follow me on Instagram, or search #soundaroundme through the app (their silly API doesn't allow for web searches).

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