Nine Skills

I've done a lot of writing this past week. I mean, a lot. Many late nights, cups of coffee, and pints of beer went into my body and magically flowed through my fingers and into my paper.

For class, we were asked to create a personal manifesto which outlines skills essential to teaching. Along with a narrative of why we chose those skills to highlight, we pulled articles, blog posts, journals, videos...anything we've used in the past for growth to share with our readers.

I boiled mine down to nine skills essential to teaching. I outline this in the introduction of my paper, but I approached this from behaviors or attitudes rather than "hard" classroom skills like instruction and management. I did this partially because I think skills like Balance and Compassion are oft overlooked in teacher preparation programs. I also think the way we approach the relational side of teaching dictates our effectiveness in the classroom. I have no way to support that claim other than it's been my experience, but I'll stand by it.

I'd also like to thank Karl Lindgren-Streicher, Lindsay Cole, and Christiane Schicke for taking the time to leave comments as I was still writing.

2 thoughts on “Nine Skills

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  2. Liza Basden says:

    This is great, Brian. I especially like that you included compassion as a skill. Far too many teachers are made to feel inferior because they are “too nice” and told they should treat students a certain way under the guise of teaching them responsibility. I think this is really prominent at the high school level. High school students are still kids. Most of us became teachers to help these kids become the best versions of themselves. They will make mistakes and we are here to help them navigate that journey. When I finally was able to understand this and embrace being a compassionate teacher I became much more effective in the classroom.

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