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Published: 2014-02-26 09:11 |

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I was able to travel again this year to Germany to attend the Inverted Classroom Model (ICM) conference. Last year, I spoke about teacher approaches to Flipped Learning. I tried to cover all of the content areas to give ideas of how teachers were approaching content and using class time more effectively.

This year, I was able to come and share student responses to flipping. In my last post, I asked for help with a survey, and you all came through! I had over 100 responses (making it a little more legit), with nearly 80% of those coming directly from students. I was able to pull out six major themes to lead a discussion with German educators from all levels. The hour was fantastic, and even included two current university students who were able to speak directly to a group of professors about class time, grading, and the pressures they feel in the classroom. I’ve got some notes I need to digest from the hour we spent together.

There are three things in the folder linked below:

  • The Google form I used to collect responses.
  • You can read through the spreadsheet or use the “View summary” tool in the form itself.
  • The slides from today’s discussion

The images I used in the slides are attributed in the notes for each.

Get the Folder

Finally, I referenced a study completed by the University of Michigan and Michigan State University which questioned whether or not students would use screencasts if there were no external requirement. The Casting Out Nines blog post analyzes the data and includes a link the the published PDF. I wanted to call it out here because it has deep implications for how we approach creating and sharing digital content.

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