Argument in 140 – Part 2

I updated the original post, but I thought it would be worth having a brand new item for reference. As I said earlier, the @StopSBG account has been unsuspended, and they are now tweeting again. I haven’t been paying much attention to the ongoing conversation so I can do other things, like eat and sleep. But, what I have done, is used Martin Hawksey’s amazing Google Docs-driven Twitter archive script to automatically archive the tweets.

View the archive

I can only look back seven days at a time, so unfortunately, the initial conversation is lost, unless you use another service, like to search for yourself. But, this spreadsheet is probably the most complete archive of the entire 5,000+ exchange happening. The archive will update every couple of hours and add a new tab at the bottom of the page for convenience. Take a look at the short video below on how to manage the massive amount of data on the sheet.

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