Science, UDL, and Lesson Design (Maker Experiment 2)

This post is a revision of the original experiment I posted two weeks ago. The main purpose of this is to add more elements of Universal Design for Learning and to elaborate more on the process used to help students build their own understanding of speed based on experimentation. Additions This activity will have aRead More

Application of Intent – Design Experience #1

Design is the application of intent – the opposite of happenstance, and an antidote to accident. The quote I open this post with is from Robert L. Peters, a designer, thinker, and professor originally from Canada, but teaching globally. This is especially apropos because of the task this week, designing a classroom, and because thisRead More

Listening Past the TED Talk

I watched a TEDxBeaconStreet talk the other evening entitled "Reimagining Learning." It started off well enough, with some good points about the challenges of teaching in a digital age. I really liked Richard's opening point: There's a more serious digital divide that we face in this country. That is the divide between those who knowRead More