In ds106, Shark Jumps YOU

It was one of those days, and I couldn't pass this one up.

The Headless ds106 is in full swing, and this week is Design Week. I love design work because it makes me think hard about how to communicate ideas both subtly and artfully. You can see some of my design work from the Twilight Zone theme this past summer.

Earlier today, Rochelle Lockridge posted an article in which someone (a colleague?) created an animated GIF for a presentation they were doing for work. This animation is great (and probably beyond my own GIMP chops) and it was a cool story to see them work through the struggle to learn GIMP to produce the image.

Later, Alan posted this tweet:

And BOOM. Sharks? Complicated animated GIFs of technical thingywhosits? I got to work.

I give you: "Make the shark jump you."

In ds106, we don't jump the shark. That bad boy jumps us.

Go make art.

One thought on “In ds106, Shark Jumps YOU

  1. Alan Levine says:

    Beautiful, and perfect for my presentation next week when I talk about this way of “riffing”, remixing each other’s work, is part of the infectious genetics of ds106.

    But hey, how about the making of this GIF? What was the process?


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