Astronomy Project – Day 5

I worked a little bit tonight on my code while Lindsey got to bed early while the baby napped. I added a menu at the beginning of the program which prompts the user to select either Stars or Planets. Then, they can put their choice in.

This is a short-term implementation for a few of reasons:

  1. For users without the PyEphem library, I need to see if I can push a download or package the data somehow.
  2. I don't want to have a ton of menus to go through
  3. The star library is pretty small. It's good enough now, but I need to find another one to tap into.
  4. The code is "chunky." I want to go through and streamline when I'm more awake.

I keep thinking about how much more I'm learning working on this project as opposed to when I tried to learn Python using arbitrary lessons. It's really driving home the idea of interest-based learning and it's not something I'm going to forget any time soon.

If you want to see and try the new code, you can fork it on GitHub.

2 thoughts on “Astronomy Project – Day 5

  1. Stephen Rahn says:

    Have you thought about also adding Messier targets?

    • Brian Bennett says:

      I would like to eventually. I need to dig into the library I found and see if they’re included. If not, I’ll need to track down another library of deep sky objects and pull it into the program.

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