Don’t lose your head

Leading up to the headless ds106 planned for this fall, it's an August GIF-a-thon. I managed to find some time tonight to get one finished and uploaded.

What you see below is a reconstruction of what really happened. We were able to get to the doctor in time to reduce the chance of major scarring. Today, you can barely even tell this occurred.

We reduced the scarring with quick action.

Don't lose your head. It isn't worth it.

The GIF is 11 frames long, which keeps its size pretty low. I also varied the length of each frame to give the illusion of the ball flying back at my face much faster than I threw it to Peter, because that's what happened IRL. What a punk.

One thought on “Don’t lose your head

  1. Talky Tina says:

    Wow, that would not be a happy thing to have happen if you got your head knocked off by a baseball hit. But I like the arc that your head takes as it falls because it looks like it is still attached to your head by a string or a piece of sinew or a tendon or maybe your spinal cord or something.

    But the timing is nice and the little white ball looks good as it flies through the air.

    It is good that you are doing the August 2013 Animated GIF Challenge and making GIFs with Friends. Hooray!

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