Would the REAL @IAmTalkyTina Please Stand Up?

My schedule has been picking up like crazy, and I'm afraid this may be my last ds106 post for the summer semester. Maybe I can get one or two more assignments in, but I don't think it's going to happen.

That being said, it's time to clear the air.

I know Alan posted that he is the creator of @IAmTalkyTina, but I'm here to set the record straight.

As I was getting into ds106, Ben Rimes was telling me about all of the role playing and storytelling that happened within the narrative of the course. I loved that it spilled over into the online interactions, so I thought setting up a ds106 character right from the beginning based on the Twilight Zone would help me get right into the swing of things.

So, officially, I am the creator and running of @IAmTalkyTina. She isn't going to disappear, although my work will...there are still some twists in the ds106zone Talky Tina story. Keep your eyes out. I'm still watching you...

Ben, I'm sorry if you've lost some sleep over me, but I sure had fun scaring the pants off you once or twice. I hope we can still be friends...

6 thoughts on “Would the REAL @IAmTalkyTina Please Stand Up?

  1. iamTalkyTina says:

    Well, what are YOU up to? Is this some kind of Prank? Everybody say that they are me? Why do you do that, Brian?

    • Ben says:

      I suppose we should both come clean then. Or rather, I should come clean. Several decades ago, I conceived an alter ego, if you will, a persona that closely mimicked my own, yet with slight variations, another me that exists in a “multi-verse” in which choices and actions were altered slightly.

      Brian Bennett was that alter ego. I “grew” him up along with me, albeit a few years younger than I, putting this fictitious version of myself through school in other states, dating, loving, and living life in ways that I wasn’t able to. Although we both became teachers, I was torn between staying here in the State or teaching overseas and being so far from my family. With the creation of “multi-verse me”, I could send Brian overseas to experience that. Although inventing and maintaining the elaborate narrative of fictional overseas schools, colleagues, and students eventually became too much, requiring one of the East Coast’s largest data centers to maintain the database housing all of the world I had created for Brian in Korea; you didn’t think Apple built that data center in North Carolina for just themselves, did you?

      Bringing the character of “Brian” back home, and ultimately out of the teaching profession has been a huge relief on the amount of free time that I now have, no longer having to maintain so many connections across the world. Even moving Brian into the “flipped world” of education was done deliberately. It’s ridiculously easy to fool people all around the world via video manipulation, and “virtual keynote” addresses, rather than actually be in a room, face to face with them. The cost of hiring actors, and subsequently training them to “act” like the Brian Bennett character I had created was a huge toll on my family’s monthly expenses; not to mention the need to find new actors depending on where I was sending Brian for a conference or other learning symposium.

      But now, it’s time to close this chapter, and just relax knowing that I can shut everything down….Talky Tina, Brian Bennett, and all of the other machinations that I’ve created over the years.

  2. Jason D. Valade says:




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